Sunday, June 2, 2013

My favorite blush/bronzer/highlighter

So for today I have for u guys a review of my favorite powder which can be used as a bronzer,blush and highlighter.Yes three in one-so practical!
(between excuse me for not posting for some time,since I am busy at school-exams...and all that jazz..)
It is the Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Mat Soft Compact Face Powder in 85 Amber Organza.Ridiculously long name,huh?!Anyways,I have been loving and using this product religiously ever since I got it for Christmas as a gift from my parents(and I got also new phone-Samsung Galaxy S III-best gift EVER:DD)Ever since it has been staple product in my makeup collection.Here's why I swear by it! ;)

Here is how Sephora describes it:
What it is:
A compact face powder that contains a four-shade blend.

What it does:
This powder contains four shades that combine to form a unique blend that presents subtle and attractive harmonies for maximum radiance. Atomized particles create a fabulously soft and homogeneous powder that provides flawless radiance and a matte finish.

What else you need to know:
The high-tech sophisticated packaging has a "Clap & Side" magnetic opening device.
This particular shade I own can be used as all the stuff I mentioned earlier.What marvels me is the fact that u can use only one shade-for e.g. the lightest one as a highlighter,darkest mat color for a more defined contour,or you can mix two three or all the shades and get variety of different looks.That is what makes it so genius.Sure it's not the only product on the market as such,but I loveee:
some swatcheeees!yay!
  •  the pigmentation is amazing,great color payoff,opaque 
  •  it's super-blendable (still avoid putting too much and looking like a clown-that ain't pretty!)
  •  the SMELL-it smells heavenly (I know,I know!some people are thrown off when they hear a beauty item has a fragrance-but this one is really divine;I am not best at describing smell so I won't even bother)
  • it has such smooth,silky,velvety-like texture to it that you are gonna want to touch it all the time-sounds creepy :P it sounded better in my head
  • the colors u get are:a light cream champagne color with some sparkles-really pretty,great as a highlighter;a light peachy brown;a medium brown,and a nude skin tone color which is pretty much seamless
  • when all the colors are mixed together u get a orange-y peach-y brown-ish color that acts like something in between a blush and a bronzer (i think u have idea of what I'm talking about,hopefully!:))
  • it feels really light on the skin
  • looks dewy on the skin-u get healthy glow:when u mix all shades
  • it has never,ever broken me out nor caused the slightest irritation and my skin is super sensitive and acne-prone;so u don't have to worry about that
  • it's longlasting-it lasted me for about 8 hours
  • the packaging is super pretty!it is such a classic like a Chanel-u just gotta have in your makeup case/bag/vanity!It has a sleek black magnetic case with big pink mirror-like logo of Givenchy and a extremely useful big mirror.And it comes with a brush also which I forgot to mention but I prefer using my regular sized blush and contour brushes over that one.But it can come handy when traveling or something like that,for sure!
swatch of all the colors mixed together!hope u can see it well :D

I give it 5/5 stars!I'm hooked on this one.I would absolutely recommend it to anyone,any age,skin color cause I promise u that u'll get a bunch of use of it.Def. check it out in your Sephora,try it on,see how u like it and leave me a comment below.
As I mentioned earlier I got mine from Sephora as a present,and as I recall it costs 46 dollars in US,though I paid tiny bit more in my country-actually I am lying!I paid-my parents for it around 55 dollars when converted.So yes,the only con of this product is the price which can be overcame,right?! 

So that would be all for now!
If u have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them ;))
Thanks for visiting!Till the next post,

xoxo Maja :D

*Any suggestion/comment is welcome!!!:)

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