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Fitness,health,beauty,body shapes..& my philosophy

Hello there!Today I have a different topic for you-not related to makeup!Shocker,right?!Anyways,I was thinking of writing also about non related to beauty articles..

Society seems to be pushing us too far..body self image represents a huge concern to many of us.We let media,celebrities,skinny models dictate how we should look,what we should wear,even how we should live!But these are OUR LIVES that we're talking about.Mine,yours...Why do we blindly follow all these ''instructions''?I strongly believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS BEAUTIFUL in their own magical way.What would life be like if we were all the same?Well we wouldn't be humans for sure..more likely robots-with monotone boring lives.Where's the fun there?

You hear,read or you are a part of the public scrutiny whether you or somebody else is too skinny/anorexic,too fat/obese,with too small bust or too big bum,with too much/little of this or that...
These people don't have in mind the background,emotions they're causing-hurting or really anything at all about  the person they're scrutinizing.Skinnier or fuller,round,apple,flat-tomboy,pear shape,petite,muscular and toned or unfit everyone IS beautiful!You just need to learn to embrace it in a best possible way,by dressing flattering clothes for your body shape,feeling confident about yourself and flaunting with what you've got.Cause there is only ONE YOU!!!You are unique just the way you are!!!

If you really want to change something about yourself,don't do it because,and for others..DO IT FOR YOURSELF!If you think you will feel better in your own skin,be more confident,then DO IT!!!
Good health is what we all want,but it is just the matter of time when are we gonna realize how important and crucial it is..If you still haven't had that illuminating moment yet,don't worry just try not to overdo eating junk fast food,sweets and too salty food...because those can cause serous health problems,like SERIOUS!
Eat EVERYTHING you want but in MODERATION.Yeah you heard it dozen of times,but have you really sat down and thought about it?!

So if you want to change unhealthy habits it's not to late!Actually now would be a perfect moment for that!Yes,right now!Don't try to find excuses and postpone it!Don't say tomorrow!Start today...it couldn't be a better opportunity than this.So grab it while you can!Don't just sit,whine,cry and pity yourself.Be brave,find the courage,strength you never thought you had.You will feel way better,stronger,more confident and proud of yourself instantly!I promise!!!You won't see results that fast,it takes time.But be patient and keep reminding yourself of reasons you started exercising and/ eating healthier whenever you want to back down.Try writing those reasons down,and you can write your journey in a diary,keep track of what you're eating.Have a glance at your inspirational pictures...whatever it takes to keep you going.

If working out in gym scares you,bores you easily or you don't have company try working out at home,and every now and then switch up exercises so you don't get bored. Fitnessblender.com is a AMAZING site with all sorts of workout programs you can do at your cozy home.I strongly suggest visiting that site and checking out their YouTube channel as well.

Now I have been skinny all my life...I mean I am 17 so not for THAT long really...I have extremely fast metabolism,like my mum and I am grateful for that so so much!But I wasn't always so satisfied with my body.I wanted to have more curves so badly.I can eat whatever I want as much as I want without gaining any weight.
But I don't!I eat everything,but I try not to eat too much junk food and sweets.I have such a sweet tooth!I cannot function properly if I don't take at least a chocolate per week.I get all moody and grumpy if I don't.I eat it whenever I am stressed out which happens A LOT.I am currently trying to eat sweets every third day and in moderation.Before at times I could take 500 gr. of sweets in ONE day!But that is sooooo UNHEALTHY so I am trying really hard to cut those bad habits.If I don't,my actions will have some serious consequences later in my life-on my health.And I don't want my unconcernedness and lack of interest to affect my life!                                                                        

There is one more thing I wanted to mention.It really affects A LOT even when you call skinny person too skinny.When somebody says to me:''Oh my god you are soo skinny.You should eat something!''-with concerned voice I really feel creeped out,NOT flattered.When you call obese person fat it's not okey but when you call skinny person,that is.Why would it be?!It hurts as much as it would hurt a fuller person for calling her/him fat!Maybe that person is trying to gain weight but just can't.Also maybe a fuller person(sorry if I don't know really how to call people with more weight,I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful in any way,but I just don't put people into categories fat,anorexic...ect. like they are just objects;I look at people differently by their personality,qualities..)anyhow..fuller people aren't that way because they want to.Maybe they have tried to lose weight and look after what they eat even better than you do,but it is just wayyy harder for them to lose weight.Genetics plays a huge role there.So don't judge a book by its cover.Instead of hating,and trying to find things you don't like about somebody,look for thing you do like.Instead of criticizing give a compliment.Instead of a punch give a hug,instead of a stone give a flower.Haha I am sounding like a hippie right now...

Hopefully you enjoyed reading article with my view on weight,beauty,health...I really hope it hasn't bored you to death considering it's quite long.Feel free to post any tips and comments with your point of view on all this.
And here is my fave butt workout video of all time.Short and sweet!Not really!Haha it is super intense so you'll be super fatigued and work-worn.Definitely check out Fitnessblender.com website for amazing workouts and check out this video!

                                                    Thanks for reading!
                                                      LOVE yourself!!!<3
                                                      Till the next post
                                                                                       xoxo Maja

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